Friend or Faux : Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit

September 2, 2016

Hey guys , we wanted to do the friend or faux post with the real Kylie Lipkit and the fake ones ordered off Alibaba but Kiki told me that she bought lip kits from a South African retailer. We were so disappointed to get fake ones from this retailer as we do believe in supporting local businesses. 

It’s important to discuss fake make up as these are products that you’re putting in and in your body. This can have a really bad effect on your skin , especially because your face has the most sensitive skin on your body. 

If you want to see two different fakes compared to the real Lip Kit then read ahead. 



Firstly let’s start with the packaging , as you can see , when compared to the first box which has an off white colour with a glossy finish , Fake 1 has a stark white colour and a bluish tint if you can pick it up and lacks a glossy finish. Fake 2 have an overly brown tint to the white and the glossy finish has a matte element to it. 

The fakes have a cheaper cardboard material.  Now looking at the back of the box , the first clue can be the font and the spacing of the logo between the dripping liquid image and the ingredients. The ingredients themselves are also not in the same position as the real box 

Lip liner 

IMG_1319 IMG_1323 IMG_1324

Fake 1 is much bigger than the real one and that’s why it’s doesn’t fit into the box properly and then the box just does not look right. It’s the same with the real liner with the correct positioning of product name and brand logo.

IMG_1310 IMG_1311

Fake 2 is just a hot mess 😂 it’s much shorter and doesn’t even have the product name on it. The colour shown at the end didn’t even match the Lipliner or the colour of the lipstick 

Both of them don’t go on as smoothly as the real one and does dry out the skin quite badly 

Liquid Lipstick 

The differences are so vast it’s quite easy to pick up quickly.


IMG_1401 IMG_1316 IMG_1313

Fake 1 is much more narrow and thinner than the real and the font is much more smaller 

Fake 2 is so much more smaller and thicker which totally affects the positioning of the Kylie logo and the font is incorrect 

If you look at the tops of the bottles they do differ quite a lot and if it does show , fake 2 does have scratches. 



The doll foot applicator works greatly with the product but fake 1 and 2 are much longer than the real one and the legb the of the applicator do differ 


The scent is one of the best parts of the product. It’s the yummy cake like scent that is so tempting you want to lick your lips but fake 1 has a really overpowering scent that tries to imitate it but fails so badly you can tell it’s a scam 

 Fake 2 just has that new plastic product smell there is no point in stating the differences 

How does it go on ? 


Fake 1 – True Brown K & Mary Jo K

Fake 2 – Koko K 

Real – Exposed 

So with fake 1 , it went on sooo streaky and dried up quite quickly when comparing to Exposed. As seen the lip liner doesn’t even match colour wise to the liquid lipstick 

Fake 2 ,again ,was just a hot mess. It when on super streaky and dried up like the Saharan Desert 

With both fakes I had to dip in twice or thrice to get some product so a lack of pigmentation is a real thing. Exposed obviously went on smoothly , I only dipped once to do the swatch and even though it took some time to dry , it still had a moistened feel to it 

Hope this thesis on the fake Kylie LipKit was super helpful and you can ensure that you can get and know your real products. 

With Make Up , its easier to keep your friends close and just say bye to the fauxs.

Love, Gigi & Kiki

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