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#BeIconique Beauty Review

Esteé Edit X Influenster VoxBox

October 9, 2016

The Esteé Edit, Edit Beauty your own way 

Esteé Edit is described as a curated selection of beauty products that give you that “can’t go wrong” and “get you out the door” inner and outer confidence. The ethos of the brand is firstly being comfortable in one’s skin and having a bit of fun on the way. The Esteé Edit girl has the freedom to edit beauty her own way be it a “Day Edit” or a “Date Edit”‘,it’s simply a #beautyattitude.

Esteé Edit and Influenster teamed up to create this amazing Voxbox. I was privileged enough to receive one of the complimentary #beautyattitudes box jam-packed with products to ensure you worthy to rock out to CherryBomb.  The vox box included the Cyberella Metallishadow, Radiance Activator, Inside Track Kajal Eyeliner and the super effective late night eraser.


Cyberella Metallishadows

Cyberella, really lives up to its name its akin to some thing out of this world.

Tom Ford Creme shadows move over. I’m thrilled with the metallishadow range because the creamy eyeshadow is so pigmented and blends easily, it doesn’t give you that weird tacky feeling that a majority of Creme shadows give you. The team at Esteé Edit intended it to be used together for maximum effect, layering the pigment and the creme shadow creates a look with a lot of depth.I would recommend using  it for a smoldering sexy date night look or just a quick sweep for a look that trendy yet effortless.

The loose eyeshadow gives you a lot of versatility and amazing payoff, super blend able I would say get creative and mix it with gloss and use it for a cat eye for a high-end fashion look.

It is Splendid combination, I would advise that you get your hands on this you will love it and it will get your creative juices flowing. I really loved the added bonus of the mirror on the eye shadow it allows you to apply on the go. It retails for $25 at Sephora 


Kajal Kat eye on Fleek

Ever thought how great it would be to have an eyeliner that is soft and creamy yet super pigmented? Enter the Inside track Kajal liner. I’m in love with the versatility of this eye pencil and the fact that you get 2 colors in one, means you getting more bang for your money honey.

Inside track is an amazing formula, rarely do you get an eyeliner that gives amazing pay off on  the inside track of your eye and the combination of light and dark means you can use the light color on your inside track of your eye and the dark on the outer to give you an almond-shaped eye and to make your eyes brighter overall.

I would use a Kajal/ kohl liner all the time when I was younger due to my south Asian routes but it was always in black. It’s amazing that Estee edit was able to extend a beauty staple to other colours and in the Influenster VoxBox tutorial they show you how versatile it is, one product loads of ways to use it.

Get it as quick as you can… That’s why it’s sold out as of 2/09/16 :). It retails for $22.


Radiance Activator Treat + Prep+ Glow

I usually give skin products 3 weeks to show results. Which is probably why Influenster will be vexed with me for not trying to get my badge in record time. I really try to test out skin care items before doing a review. It’s only fair to you my readers, my skin and the company to give a product time to work and give a fair review.

You need to get ready to prep that glow girl with the Radiance Activator.

I’ve got sensitive  combination skin and I’m always a little weary of skin care products because most people go through acne in their teen years. I’m a late bloomer and started getting it as an adult, though it is mild. I tempered with this huge cystic pimple and it left the biggest blemish. Luckily the Innovative Esteé Edit team had just the fix. The Radiance activator not only illuminates but treats skin and fades blemishes. I’ve seen my skin tone evening out as well. Hyaluronic acid aids the skin in fading blemishes and evening out skin tone.

I think it’s a great way to give luminance and a fresh look to your skin before make up application it has vitamin E, concentrated plant extracts, pink peony ( an ingredient across the range)  and sea lavender, and other active ingredients.

I was lucky enough to receive it complementary throw the Estee edit X Influenster VoxBox. Would I spend my own money on this? Yes especially  because I usually use the mac strobe cream to prep or mix with my highlight or to even do light non touring, I would def recommend this product. It retails for $55.


Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony

These bags aren’t Lv or Chanel and that is why there is no place in this world for dark under eye bags. In a perfect world work loads are manageable and you get your recommended * hours of beauty sleep whilst being a nutritional goddess who is always hydrated. 

Sadly I don’t live in that perfect world and my dark under eye bags seem to show uninvited and try to take over the show. Be it a Night out with the Girls, Netflix binging or Late night work, Late Night Eraser has literally been such a life saver. I am not exaggerating it has helped tremendously.

As is with all beauty aficionados, I keep my eye creams where they belong. In the refrigerator. If this product doesn’t win every single beauty award this year then I will move into the desert and become a recluse. The product its self is only one step ahead of the packaging itself. They  created a tip that not only helps reduce puffiness but also allows you to contour your under eye area. YAY NO MORE AGING. The shimmering pearl pigment makes you look wide awake and it doesn’t make you cry if it gets in your eye. It’s such a gentle yet powerful and effective formula. This is definitely becoming one of my beauty staples. It retails at $42.

I included some swatches below.


Overall a really great voxbox. Thank you to influenster and Estee Edit for offering me the opportunity.