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#ThrowbackThursday Benefit Brow Masterclass !

September 1, 2016
*Editors Note* Hey guys , we’re gonna be starting a throwback Thursday series on products that are oldies but still goodies.  Do out ever wonder why you just stop using a certain product but when you’re going through the mountain of beauty products and either find an empty bottle (cringe , bad habits) or just a products that’s kinda full. These products are still really good and we actually felt a difference after using them again. 

Since this is the first #ThrowbachThursday 

I will be doing it a bit differently. Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands because they know just how to cater and fix your specific problems. They’ve always been Brown Gurus for a very long time but they just released a full brow line with up to 6 different shades that helps with shaping , filling and just overall grooming. If you want to see a review ,it will be coming soon. 

People often forget how important brows are and how they can either pull together or ruin a look. If eyes are the windows to the soul then your brows have to be those fine ass silk curtains imported from Turkey.  

Just to show how much Benefit cares for our brows , they often hold Brow Masterclasses for their beloved customers where they show you the best secrets to be a BeneBabe. Kiki and I luckily won on Instagram to be part of the masterclass but we only realized that it was the next day and in Cape Town after we won (hahaha). I was heading down to Cape Town to visit a friend , so I just convinced  her to come along. It as my first time stepping foot into Canal Walk (how surprising , do I even live in SA?) and the Benefit stand in Edgars was decorated and looked like a make up haven just for us 🎉🎉 

With yummy cupcakes and Champers , the head trainer for Benefit South Africa , Lauren Englebrecht, @lauren_eng, (follow her on Instagram for update on what Benefit is up to and also to pick up a few essential tips) 

We began our wonderful masterclass where we learn how to shape our brows according to our facial features with the infamous brow mapping tool , with the well known Brow Zings , Gimme brows and High Brow Pencil. 

Without at least shaping my eyes brows before attending , Lauren still managed to tame and transform my brows that were in such a sad state 😂😂 

This was such a fun and great experience , it shows how much Benefit really does provide a problem fixing solution to your beauty problem. 

The new Benefit Brow collection on now available in stores and on Red Square Online.

Love, Gigi

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Bienvenue á Miss Iconique

June 28, 2016

Hello Iconique Beauties, welcome to your number stop in all things luxe, current and most of all Iconique.

Iconique (N) f: Iconic. relating to the nature of an icon.a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration. Devotion.Image. Symbol. Figure. Beauty. You. Miss Iconique.

We all have Icons, from Marylin Monroe to Beyonce, we are all inspired by fierce amazing women that have not only changed the world through their external beauty. They have left a legacy through their talent and sheer tenacity and broke barriers for the next generations.

Miss Iconique believe that every woman is Iconique in her own right, join us in this journey as we discover every aspect of life that can make you the most Iconique version of  themselves.

Go on …..

Be Iconique