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#BeIconique Beauty Review

Esteé Edit X Influenster VoxBox

October 9, 2016

The Esteé Edit, Edit Beauty your own way 

Esteé Edit is described as a curated selection of beauty products that give you that “can’t go wrong” and “get you out the door” inner and outer confidence. The ethos of the brand is firstly being comfortable in one’s skin and having a bit of fun on the way. The Esteé Edit girl has the freedom to edit beauty her own way be it a “Day Edit” or a “Date Edit”‘,it’s simply a #beautyattitude.

Esteé Edit and Influenster teamed up to create this amazing Voxbox. I was privileged enough to receive one of the complimentary #beautyattitudes box jam-packed with products to ensure you worthy to rock out to CherryBomb.  The vox box included the Cyberella Metallishadow, Radiance Activator, Inside Track Kajal Eyeliner and the super effective late night eraser.


Cyberella Metallishadows

Cyberella, really lives up to its name its akin to some thing out of this world.

Tom Ford Creme shadows move over. I’m thrilled with the metallishadow range because the creamy eyeshadow is so pigmented and blends easily, it doesn’t give you that weird tacky feeling that a majority of Creme shadows give you. The team at Esteé Edit intended it to be used together for maximum effect, layering the pigment and the creme shadow creates a look with a lot of depth.I would recommend using  it for a smoldering sexy date night look or just a quick sweep for a look that trendy yet effortless.

The loose eyeshadow gives you a lot of versatility and amazing payoff, super blend able I would say get creative and mix it with gloss and use it for a cat eye for a high-end fashion look.

It is Splendid combination, I would advise that you get your hands on this you will love it and it will get your creative juices flowing. I really loved the added bonus of the mirror on the eye shadow it allows you to apply on the go. It retails for $25 at Sephora 


Kajal Kat eye on Fleek

Ever thought how great it would be to have an eyeliner that is soft and creamy yet super pigmented? Enter the Inside track Kajal liner. I’m in love with the versatility of this eye pencil and the fact that you get 2 colors in one, means you getting more bang for your money honey.

Inside track is an amazing formula, rarely do you get an eyeliner that gives amazing pay off on  the inside track of your eye and the combination of light and dark means you can use the light color on your inside track of your eye and the dark on the outer to give you an almond-shaped eye and to make your eyes brighter overall.

I would use a Kajal/ kohl liner all the time when I was younger due to my south Asian routes but it was always in black. It’s amazing that Estee edit was able to extend a beauty staple to other colours and in the Influenster VoxBox tutorial they show you how versatile it is, one product loads of ways to use it.

Get it as quick as you can… That’s why it’s sold out as of 2/09/16 :). It retails for $22.


Radiance Activator Treat + Prep+ Glow

I usually give skin products 3 weeks to show results. Which is probably why Influenster will be vexed with me for not trying to get my badge in record time. I really try to test out skin care items before doing a review. It’s only fair to you my readers, my skin and the company to give a product time to work and give a fair review.

You need to get ready to prep that glow girl with the Radiance Activator.

I’ve got sensitive  combination skin and I’m always a little weary of skin care products because most people go through acne in their teen years. I’m a late bloomer and started getting it as an adult, though it is mild. I tempered with this huge cystic pimple and it left the biggest blemish. Luckily the Innovative Esteé Edit team had just the fix. The Radiance activator not only illuminates but treats skin and fades blemishes. I’ve seen my skin tone evening out as well. Hyaluronic acid aids the skin in fading blemishes and evening out skin tone.

I think it’s a great way to give luminance and a fresh look to your skin before make up application it has vitamin E, concentrated plant extracts, pink peony ( an ingredient across the range)  and sea lavender, and other active ingredients.

I was lucky enough to receive it complementary throw the Estee edit X Influenster VoxBox. Would I spend my own money on this? Yes especially  because I usually use the mac strobe cream to prep or mix with my highlight or to even do light non touring, I would def recommend this product. It retails for $55.


Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony

These bags aren’t Lv or Chanel and that is why there is no place in this world for dark under eye bags. In a perfect world work loads are manageable and you get your recommended * hours of beauty sleep whilst being a nutritional goddess who is always hydrated. 

Sadly I don’t live in that perfect world and my dark under eye bags seem to show uninvited and try to take over the show. Be it a Night out with the Girls, Netflix binging or Late night work, Late Night Eraser has literally been such a life saver. I am not exaggerating it has helped tremendously.

As is with all beauty aficionados, I keep my eye creams where they belong. In the refrigerator. If this product doesn’t win every single beauty award this year then I will move into the desert and become a recluse. The product its self is only one step ahead of the packaging itself. They  created a tip that not only helps reduce puffiness but also allows you to contour your under eye area. YAY NO MORE AGING. The shimmering pearl pigment makes you look wide awake and it doesn’t make you cry if it gets in your eye. It’s such a gentle yet powerful and effective formula. This is definitely becoming one of my beauty staples. It retails at $42.

I included some swatches below.


Overall a really great voxbox. Thank you to influenster and Estee Edit for offering me the opportunity.


Friend or Faux : Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit

September 2, 2016

Hey guys , we wanted to do the friend or faux post with the real Kylie Lipkit and the fake ones ordered off Alibaba but Kiki told me that she bought lip kits from a South African retailer. We were so disappointed to get fake ones from this retailer as we do believe in supporting local businesses. 

It’s important to discuss fake make up as these are products that you’re putting in and in your body. This can have a really bad effect on your skin , especially because your face has the most sensitive skin on your body. 

If you want to see two different fakes compared to the real Lip Kit then read ahead. 



Firstly let’s start with the packaging , as you can see , when compared to the first box which has an off white colour with a glossy finish , Fake 1 has a stark white colour and a bluish tint if you can pick it up and lacks a glossy finish. Fake 2 have an overly brown tint to the white and the glossy finish has a matte element to it. 

The fakes have a cheaper cardboard material.  Now looking at the back of the box , the first clue can be the font and the spacing of the logo between the dripping liquid image and the ingredients. The ingredients themselves are also not in the same position as the real box 

Lip liner 

IMG_1319 IMG_1323 IMG_1324

Fake 1 is much bigger than the real one and that’s why it’s doesn’t fit into the box properly and then the box just does not look right. It’s the same with the real liner with the correct positioning of product name and brand logo.

IMG_1310 IMG_1311

Fake 2 is just a hot mess 😂 it’s much shorter and doesn’t even have the product name on it. The colour shown at the end didn’t even match the Lipliner or the colour of the lipstick 

Both of them don’t go on as smoothly as the real one and does dry out the skin quite badly 

Liquid Lipstick 

The differences are so vast it’s quite easy to pick up quickly.


IMG_1401 IMG_1316 IMG_1313

Fake 1 is much more narrow and thinner than the real and the font is much more smaller 

Fake 2 is so much more smaller and thicker which totally affects the positioning of the Kylie logo and the font is incorrect 

If you look at the tops of the bottles they do differ quite a lot and if it does show , fake 2 does have scratches. 



The doll foot applicator works greatly with the product but fake 1 and 2 are much longer than the real one and the legb the of the applicator do differ 


The scent is one of the best parts of the product. It’s the yummy cake like scent that is so tempting you want to lick your lips but fake 1 has a really overpowering scent that tries to imitate it but fails so badly you can tell it’s a scam 

 Fake 2 just has that new plastic product smell there is no point in stating the differences 

How does it go on ? 


Fake 1 – True Brown K & Mary Jo K

Fake 2 – Koko K 

Real – Exposed 

So with fake 1 , it went on sooo streaky and dried up quite quickly when comparing to Exposed. As seen the lip liner doesn’t even match colour wise to the liquid lipstick 

Fake 2 ,again ,was just a hot mess. It when on super streaky and dried up like the Saharan Desert 

With both fakes I had to dip in twice or thrice to get some product so a lack of pigmentation is a real thing. Exposed obviously went on smoothly , I only dipped once to do the swatch and even though it took some time to dry , it still had a moistened feel to it 

Hope this thesis on the fake Kylie LipKit was super helpful and you can ensure that you can get and know your real products. 

With Make Up , its easier to keep your friends close and just say bye to the fauxs.

Love, Gigi & Kiki

Beauty Lifestyle

#ThrowbackThursday Benefit Brow Masterclass !

September 1, 2016
*Editors Note* Hey guys , we’re gonna be starting a throwback Thursday series on products that are oldies but still goodies.  Do out ever wonder why you just stop using a certain product but when you’re going through the mountain of beauty products and either find an empty bottle (cringe , bad habits) or just a products that’s kinda full. These products are still really good and we actually felt a difference after using them again. 

Since this is the first #ThrowbachThursday 

I will be doing it a bit differently. Benefit Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands because they know just how to cater and fix your specific problems. They’ve always been Brown Gurus for a very long time but they just released a full brow line with up to 6 different shades that helps with shaping , filling and just overall grooming. If you want to see a review ,it will be coming soon. 

People often forget how important brows are and how they can either pull together or ruin a look. If eyes are the windows to the soul then your brows have to be those fine ass silk curtains imported from Turkey.  

Just to show how much Benefit cares for our brows , they often hold Brow Masterclasses for their beloved customers where they show you the best secrets to be a BeneBabe. Kiki and I luckily won on Instagram to be part of the masterclass but we only realized that it was the next day and in Cape Town after we won (hahaha). I was heading down to Cape Town to visit a friend , so I just convinced  her to come along. It as my first time stepping foot into Canal Walk (how surprising , do I even live in SA?) and the Benefit stand in Edgars was decorated and looked like a make up haven just for us 🎉🎉 

With yummy cupcakes and Champers , the head trainer for Benefit South Africa , Lauren Englebrecht, @lauren_eng, (follow her on Instagram for update on what Benefit is up to and also to pick up a few essential tips) 

We began our wonderful masterclass where we learn how to shape our brows according to our facial features with the infamous brow mapping tool , with the well known Brow Zings , Gimme brows and High Brow Pencil. 

Without at least shaping my eyes brows before attending , Lauren still managed to tame and transform my brows that were in such a sad state 😂😂 

This was such a fun and great experience , it shows how much Benefit really does provide a problem fixing solution to your beauty problem. 

The new Benefit Brow collection on now available in stores and on Red Square Online.

Love, Gigi


July 2016 Essentials

July 5, 2016

Welcome back Iconique Beauties

Winter is finally here !! But that also means for some of us , also the season of dry hair and skin which leaves us feeling absolutely defeated on how to maintain that gorgeous summer glow during these freezing temperatures.

Sometimes with products that help with hydration the most has the most horrible smell or just feels like you’ve added an extra layer skin instead of it being absorbed by your skin. Here is our list of products that will leave your body feeling moisturised and smelling amazing.



Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Body lotion comes with vitamin E which helps relieve dry skin as well as scars and eczema. It doesn’t leave a greasy after feel which we’ve experience with other cocoa butter lotions but rather a light weight feel which leaves you skin feeling replenished. Obviously due to the name , this lotion has one of the best scents and it is not overpowering. This allows you to also pair it with a mild perfume or body spray that complements the scent of the lotion.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Body Lotion in 400ml retails for R51.95 at Clicks. This lotion really awesome for their price point and you can get a lot of usage out of this bottle.

Body Shop

The infamous Body Shop Body Butter which comes with an array of different flavours but still manages to help rejuvenate the skin with a light weight feel. Packed with vitamins , the body butter helps with scarring and insider note : (from Gigi) I found it very useful if you have irritated skin or a rash. its a great temporary replacement if you don’t have Schedule 2 creams on hand. With such

The Cranberry Body Butter is Koko’s favourite flavour and the Moringa Body Butter is Gigi’s fav. The Body Butter retails for R160 at selected Clicks stores and R170 at the Body Shop.


Last but not least , the Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil is an essential especially during cold and dry weather. In order to have good and healthy nails , well looked after cuticles are a must. During winter , cuticles and the skin along side you nails tend to dry up which makes scabbing around that area more likely to happen. The cuticle oil has a great scent , keeps the skin around the nail quite nourished and also doesn’t leave this skin feeling overly oily. What’s also an added benefit is that it doesn’t leave any residue on clothing or paper if you’re handling certain objects.

To get this products really does depend on which salon you go to and if they use Gelish. They usually go for R90 for 5ml  bottle.

Everyone need at least one perfume or body spray in their collection.


 Prada Candy Kiss is one of our favourite perfumes out of the Prada Candy collections as its has a scent which is very easy take into all seasons. With notes of orange blossom and vanilla , it makes for wonderful musky scent for winter.

This retails for $118 on Sephora.com

PINK by Victoria Secret

For those of you who don’t like perfumes and want something a little bit lighter , Body mist is a great replacement without having to use deoderant. The Sweet & Flirty Body Mist has a super refreshing but sweet scent due to a hint of aloe. This is a easy transportable bottle which is perfect for on-the-go or after the gym.

The 250ml bottle retails for R250 at Victoria’s Secret

These essentials in our opinion helps us get through these cold winter months and helps us get ready for summer ( ’cause a summer body is made in winter)

XOXO, Koko & Gigi


June Iconique Favourites 2016

July 4, 2016

Namaslay Iconique Beauties

Time has flown by and we’re already halfway through the year. Most the products listed aren’t necessarily new June products but rather the ones we fell in love with the most.


We could swear that the Garnier Micellar Water is our holy grail in terms of make up remover.*Heart Eyes* It makes such a tedious task in to one of ease. The make up comes off almost immediately and it takes two to three sweeps across the face to remove majority of the make up.It leaves our skin feeling so refreshed and like we used the tears of angels to wash our faces (haha).

Garnier has also developed one that caters to those with sensitive skin and is available at Dischem , Clicks and other pharmacies for R63.95 .

Kylie Cosmetics 

With the new craze surrounding these fabulous products , we just had to get our hands on these. Exposed lip kit and King K Metal Matte Lipstick were released in June and they are really worth the wait and amount paid. The lipsticks manage to adjust to suit all skin tones (for those who are darker skinned and area bit hesitant to wear the pinks). King K is not like other metallic lip glosses or lipsticks as is doesn’t have a glitter filled look but rather truly like metal because it’s super pigmented.

Kylie Cosmetics are now available for pre-order through our Salon , Iconique Beautique.

Giorgio Armani

The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is heaven sent. the collection has a wide range of colours which is sometimes difficult to find when it comes to luxury products. this foundation has a light to medium coverage and has a lightweight feel. It matches our skin perfectly and it doesn’t leave any dry patches as we had with our previous foundation. Your skin will look like its embedded with silk. YAAAAS

Unfortunately the Giorgio Armani products are limited to perfumes in South Africa.

Benefit Cosmetics 

Benefit always manages to cater directly to any problem that you can face make up wise. The They’re Real Mascara helps with a on-the-go look if you want dramatic eyelashes in a hurry and without the stress of putting on falsies. Its a staple in our make up bags and you can genuinely fool anyone into believing that they are your real lashes.

They’re Real Mascara comes in three shades and retail for R335 at Red Square Online and at Benefit counters in selected Edgars stores.

Swissdent (from Gigi)

I have a major discolouration problem with my teeth ever since I got my braces taken off and I have tried every pharmacy whitening product under sun, some were great and others weren’t. After reading reviews online on the Swissdent Extreme Toothpaste, I gave a try and even bought the Swisssdent toothbrush to get full usage out of the product. I could see an immediate difference after brushing and even a week after when I used my normal toothbrush. I could say even though its a bit on the expensive side for toothpaste, it gives a drastic change in colour when comparing to pharmacy brands. this is perfect for those who suffer from discolouration due to smoking , red wine , tea and coffee.

Swissdent products are available at Metropolitain Cosmetics and the Extreme toothpaste retails for R395.


We hope you found our favourites super enlightening and useful in your journey to becoming an Iconique Beauty !

XOXO , Gigi and Koko

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Bienvenue á Miss Iconique

June 28, 2016

Hello Iconique Beauties, welcome to your number stop in all things luxe, current and most of all Iconique.

Iconique (N) f: Iconic. relating to the nature of an icon.a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration. Devotion.Image. Symbol. Figure. Beauty. You. Miss Iconique.

We all have Icons, from Marylin Monroe to Beyonce, we are all inspired by fierce amazing women that have not only changed the world through their external beauty. They have left a legacy through their talent and sheer tenacity and broke barriers for the next generations.

Miss Iconique believe that every woman is Iconique in her own right, join us in this journey as we discover every aspect of life that can make you the most Iconique version of  themselves.

Go on …..

Be Iconique